Our Group

Moosa is one of the oldest business groups in Oman having been formed in 1927.

Steeped in Automotive , Moosa was, in the 1950’s the agent for Holden, from the 60’s the distributor for BEDFORD, from the 70’s the GMC distributor in Oman and more recently from the 80’s, 90’s and 2000 the distributor for Kawasaki, Opel & Suzuki amongst others.

In addition, Moosa has investment in business and properties both in Oman & abroad.

Our Vision

To become the national benchmark for automotive sales and services by virtue of our impeccable standards for customer care, business integrity and service delivery.

CEO's Message

As one of the oldest automotive firms in the Sultanate with a proud history going back nearly 70 years, Moosa Group is an integral part of Oman’s motoring heritage and car ownership experience. Our world-class automotive brands have pleased generations of our customers, their individual experiences enriched by the exemplary service standards that have long been the hallmark of the Moosa brand.

Going forward, we aim to raise the bar on our service delivery by striving to go the extra step that transforms customer satisfaction into customer delight. We seek to achieve this goal by continually developing the professional capabilities of our staff, keeping them motivated and enthused, while constantly upgrading our technical support and back-office infrastructure – all with the goal of running a well-oiled and efficient organisation.

Equally, we aim to be a caring organisation that not only has the best interests of our customers at heart, but also one that nurtures the professional and career aspirations of the employees. True to our reputation, Moosa Group will continue to engage with the local community, support meaningful as well as far-reaching CSR initiatives to be a good corporate citizen. In you – our customers – we find our motivation!

- Virendra Agarwal
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